Our guest speaker for the June meeting is John Green.


  The Brattleboro Camera Club is pleased to announce that nature photographer John Green will be the guest speaker for our June meeting.
John has been photographing nature for over 40 years and has achieved an impressive background and a large portfolio of work.

  He has been featured on the television series PBS Kids and his print work and slide shows have been exhibited widely around the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.

  Mr. Green believes that attitude has a lot to do with one's photographic results. Granted, proper equipment and techniques play a major role, but, John feels that one must be connected - must feel something for the subject being viewed through the lens.

See John's work and get more info here:  John Green Photos


Where:  Vermont Center for Photography
When: Monday, June 11th
Time: Business Section 6:30; Guest Presentation 7:00
Theme of Month: High Key / Low Key  : Unnaturally bright light which blows out most of shadows / dark tones with highlights only on certain area.