Meeting: 8 July 2019

Just a few notes for the Monday meeting.

  Hi everyone - Just a reminder that I need color and b&w prints for next year's NECCC print circuit by the 12th. You could bring your submission to our meeting next Monday. If you aren't coming to the meeting, I'll need to have the prints by the end of next week. I live in Dummerston, but can make arrangements to meet in Brattleboro when you want to get the prints to me.
   We'll probably be allowed four prints of both color and b&w. You can give me one print of each, but let me know which you would favor when/if I have to make a choice to get down to four. My intention is for everybody to have at least one print in the circuits.
I'm attaching the rules/guidelines for submitting prints. Though they are for last year's competition, they haven't changed.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks. Roger


   For our meeting on Monday July 8th we would like to have a members gallery night. We encourage everyone to bring in up to three printed images. These do not have to be framed or anything fancy just a print or 3 to share with the other members. We want to foster discussion of the images amongst the members. This will be a great time to share your images and thoughts in small groups around the room gallery style. We hope to see great prints on Monday the 8th.

Thank you and see you soon.
John, Tom, and Cyndie