Meeting Minutes: 11 February 2019

  The Brattleboro Camera Club’s monthly meeting was held on Monday, February 11, 2019 at the Vermont Center for Photography. Bill Dixon led the meeting.

Guests to the meeting were Kevin Hart, Stephen Dysert, and Robert Crispino. The monthly theme was “Perspective” and there were over 40 submissions by members.

  John Taylor discussed several exhibit opportunities in Massachusetts. One was the Gill Tavern which would like the club to provide a permanent exhibit of 10-12 prints, each for 60-90 days.

Please contact John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  Roger Turner presented the color prints entered in the New England Camera Club winter inter-club competition, accompanied by the recorded judge evaluations.

Several members of the Brattleboro club received high marks, honorable mention, and second place went to Cyndee Meese, with her stunning portrait.

Results of the electronic competition also gave high marks to Brattleboro Camera Club members, with Honorable Mention to Tom Pitta. Members and scores below:

Kathy Carr – Spider – 16

Lee Lloyd – Winter Sunset – 17

Donald Miller – Tree Trunk #2 – 16

Paul Miller – Texas Rattler – 18

Cynthia Meese – Self Portrait – 19

Tom Pitta – Brother and Sister – 21 - HM

Roger Turner – Family Farm – 18

John Walsh – Spanish Lane - 17

Spring Competition. The third NECCC Electronic Photograph Interclub Competition will be held on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, hosted by the Seacoast Camera Club at the Urban Forestry Center, 45 Elwyn Road (27 Elwyn Road for GPS), Portsmouth, NH 03801 beginning at 6:00 pm. The closing date for receipt of entries is Monday, March 18th. For questions or to submit your images contact Bill Dixon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Canal Street Art Gallery, Bellows Falls.
The opening for a photography exhibit was held on Friday, February 15th from 5-8.

  Among work by artists Spaulding Dunbar, Karl Jacobson, and Jeffrey Spring were exhibits by Brattleboro Camera Club members, Kathy Carr, Marek Jagoda, Don Kalfus, Ea Maples, and Linda Carlson Sperry. The opening was well attended and many came to support BCC members.

  The next meeting will be held on Monday, March 11, 2019 at the Vermont Center for Photography at 6:30 pm. The monthly theme is “Shadows.” Please send to Bill Dixon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

They should be sized at 1024 X 768 px.

Our guest speaker for March is Steve Upton. He will share his images and story-telling of travel photography of landscapes and animals.

You may preview his beautiful images on his website.


Meeting MInutes: December 10th, 2018

The Brattleboro Camera Club met on Monday evening, December 10th, at the Vermont Center for Photography in Brattleboro.

Jon Mack was our speaker and presented commentary, video, and a slide-show of his visits to cold places such as Chile, Greenland, Sweden and Norway.
His photographs included wildlife - including polar bears and birds- and amazing icebergs, glaciers and landscapes. He emphasized the effects of global warming on the land and the wildlife, as glaciers melt and hunting for food becomes more difficult.

The flash photography session held in Vernon on Sunday, December 9th, was a great success. Tom Pita and John Taylor provided lighting set-ups and guidance for participants to experiment and take their own shots.
The setups ranged from high end equipment to those that can easily be used in a small home studio or outdoor portrait setting.


FlashDemo 1 

FlashDemo 2 FlashDemo 3 FlashDemo 4

  The next annual photography conference sponsored by the New England Camera Club Conference will be held at University of Massachusetts at Amherst on July 12, 13 and 14, 2019. A courtesy pass is given each year to a member from each club. If you are interested, please contact Bill Dixon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the end of December.

  The Interclub competition included many winners from the Brattleboro Club. Tom PItta won first in the black and white. Tom Singleton won 2nd place and Cyndee Meese won honorable mention with the color images. Other high-scoring participants were Bill Dixon, Donald Miller, Paul Miller, and Roger Turner.

The Red Clover Commons in Brattleboro will host an exhibit for our club from January to April, 2019. The these is “Best Shot of 2018,” happy and colorful out of respect for the people who live in the complex. If you are interested in participating please send one or two jpg photos to Cyndee This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Bill This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to consider for the exhibit. Please put “Clover Commons” in the subject lines. The final decision on the prints will be made by December 28th.
The exhibit will consist of about nine large, frames prints or more if there are smaller prints. 16X20 is max; 10x10 is minimum. We will need titles and prices from the contributors for photos chosen at least three days before we install the show.

The monthly theme for December was ‘holiday cheer.”
The next meeting of the Brattleboro Camera Club is Monday, January 14th at 6:30 pm at the Vermont Center for Photography.
The theme for January 2019 is ‘Everyday Moments.’ Happy New Year!



Meeting Minutes: November 12, 2018



Red Clover Commons, Jan - April, 2019

The club is invited to place a photographic exhibit at the Red Clover Commons in Brattleboro. The exhibit will consist of approximately nine large framed prints. These photos will be on display at the Commons from January to April, 2019. The theme of the exhibit is “Best Shot of 2018”. The show will be organized by Cyndee Meese.

If you are interested in participating please send Cyndee [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] jpgs of photos you wish Cyndee to consider for the exhibit. A final decision on the prints will be made by late December.


Glennie Memorial Nature Salon




The club entry fee for the Salon is $50. It is likely that BCC would enter the competition if there is sufficient interest from its members.

Please let Bill Dixon know if you are interested in submitting photos. The club will have to decide by mid February if we are going to participate.

Deadline for Entries: February 28, 2019
Additional Information:


NECCC Complementary Enrollment

Each July the New England Camera Club Conference hosts their event in Amherst, Ma. In hopes on encouraging new participants each camera club in New England is offered a complimentary entry to the conference. Each club is allowed one complementary entry.

Rules governing the courtesy co-pay enrollment:

1. Candidates must be at least eighteen years of age as of July 1, 2019
2. Candidates must be a member of an NECCC member club whose dues are paid for the current year
3. Candidates must have never attended a previous NECCC conference
4. Selection of the candidate will be the responsibility of the individual clubs
5. Applications will not be accepted after the original deadline (March 1, 2019)

Our club should make a choice of participant by mid-February.If you are interested in applying for the complementary enrollment please let Bill Dixon know as soon as possible.


Birds of Prey Outdoor Photography Session

This is a 2-hour photography trip to Wingmasters [ ] on Saturday, November 17th ( rain date is November 18th ). This is an opportunity to photograph owls, falcons, and hawks in a controlled environment. The cost is $50 per person. Although the original deadline has passed, Debbie is willing to offer a second session if there is sufficient interest. Please contact Debbie Koundry at 203.558.2372 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible.



Tom Pitta and John Taylor presented an interesting and informative session on the use of materials common in flash photography. Through the use of diagrams, models, and a styrofoam head they illustrated the use and varying effects of flashes, softboxes, diffusers, and other items.

Their final session will be held in early December. You will receive an email when the date and location is decided.

Links to more information on flash photography:

The Strobist (main page):   

The Strobist (gear guide):

Adorama (YouTube):

Sekonic (YouTube):




Kathy Carr has a Nikon D500 [ body only ] for sale for $890 or best offer. She also is selling a Nikon 16-80 f 4 -5.6 lens with UV lens protection for $690.00 or best offer. You can contact Kathy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


John Taylor mentioned that his ink supplier is Blake Printing Supply. Their products are available from their website from Amazon.


John displayed a two-flash holder that he uses in his flash photography work. It is available from Roberts Camera []. For more information please contact John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Hunts's Photo has expressed an interest in being a resource to Brattleboro Camera Club members. 

When considering vendors for purchases of supplies or equipment, you can call Alan Samiljan at Hunt's and identify yourself as a BCC member to see what Hunt's offer would be or to find out what kind of deals they may have.    Contact:  Alan Samiljan, (781) 462-2383, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Members entries in the InterClub Print Competition were shown by Roger. Prints are graded on a scale from 10 to 30. Congratulations to Tom Pitta for his “26”!

Bill showed the entries from club members for the InterClub Electronic Competition. The eight jpgs will be evaluated by the judges of NECCC. Results will be available for our December meeting.

A collection of jpgs from the recent Kelby Walk were shown. Good weather and enthusiastic photographers resulted in some interesting photos.


November Theme: Long Exposure

We had twenty-three jpgs and three prints presented by our members. Link to images.


Meeting Minutes: October 8,2018

  The Brattleboro Camera Club monthly meeting was held on October 8, 2018 at 6:45 at the Vermont Center for Photography on Flat Street in Brattleboro, and led by Bill Dixon, President.

  There were 18 people attending and two new members. Welcome to John Walsh and and Larry Smith!

  After four years Gary King has handed over his duties as club treasurer to Tom Singleton. Thank you Gary and Tom.

  First discussed was the annual Kelby Photography Walk led by John Taylor. It was well attended by 18 people, many who were new to the area.There were even two walkers who were visiting the area from California. One of these was Carol Fuessenich from Pacific Grove, California. She is the vice-president of the Padre Trails Camera Club. She is very interested in connect our two clubs to share photography and competitions. We welcome any ideas about how to facilitate that. We finished our walk at the Marina in Brattleboro for lunch.

  Bill Dixon asked that the Brattleboro Camera Club would like each participant to submit one or two of their best shots to him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Prizes will be awarded to two photos after they all are evaluated by the members at the November meeting.

  Kathy Carr has stepped in to reactivate the Meet-Up group. This will notify members and others interested in photography about upcoming events and get-togethers in New England. Members have indicated the need for this online contact opportunity. Please contact Kathy Carr if you learn about or organize a meet-up. Thank you Kathy!

  Entries for the NECCC Interclub digital and print competition must be submitted no later than October 20th:

  Digital entries must be submitted to Bill Dixon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (six nature and six pictorial)

  Print entries must arrive at Bill Dixons address, 114 Morningside Commons, Brattleboro, Vermont. (802-257-9524) (four color and four black and white – maximum dimensions including mat is 16” X 20”)

  Cynthia Meese is featured as the latest “Member Profile” on the Brattleboro Camera Club website. Her stunning portraits taken in “worlds” she has created tell a compelling story. Learn more about Cindy here:

  John Taylor and Tom Pitta presented the first installment on the use of flash in portrait photography. John presented ideas on modifiers and showed samples of a portrait taken with different techniques. Tom stepped in to explain the science behind the light and the technical aspects of the functioning of the strobe, off camera and on. They will continue the discussion at the November meeting and finish at the December meeting with a studio set up with models and an opportunity to take our own shots. Bring your camera and flash to that December meeting to participate.

  Member Ea Maples has shared a unique opportunity for photography education. A workshop called the Art of Photographing the Circus Arts, is taking place in April 2019. The amazing dance photographer Rose Eichenbaum will lead, bringing her years of expertise to NECCA, including leading sold out dance photography workshops at Jacob's Pillow. For more information see the website for the New England Center for Circus Arts.

  The Monthly theme for October was Golden Hour/Blue Hour. Here are a few that were submitted at the meeting. See more on the BCC website. The November theme will be Long Exposure. You may send your jpg images to Bill Dixon or bring prints to the meeting.

Meeting Minutes: August 13, 2018

The August meeting of the Brattleboro Camera Club was held at Vermont Center for Photography on August 13, 2018.

There were 17 people in attendance. Bill Dixon led our meeting.

The exhibit at Mocha Maya in Shelburne Falls was taken down and images returned to members who participated.

The Bellows Falls exhibit will be taken down by Lee and Bill on 8/26/2018.

The theme of the month was Back to Nature and member images were reviewed.

The theme for September is environmental portraits.

  NECCC honorable mentions awards were given to Kathy Carr, Lee Lloyd, and Paul Miller. Tom Singleton attended this year’s annual conference at UMASS Amherst, Mass and said it was very well done and organized.

  Paul Miller offered a slide show of bird images taken at a ranch in south Texas. The scenes were set up beautifully and baited to draw the various species in. He mostly used a 200-500mm zoom. Photographers in the group were challenged to capture images using many different techniques.

  John Taylor discussed possible workshops with Rick Friedman (lighting) for $800/day for 6-7 people in the club plus photographers brought in by Rick. John says he is traveling often and difficult to reach. We discussed workshops by our members and shooting on location. John and Tom will begin by organizing a lighting workshop.

  Alan Fowler of Fact TV and the local Bellows Falls bookstore has requested that we submit high quality tiffs in native format taken of Bellows Falls. He has an arrangement with the Rockingham Opera House to create local videos and advertising to display for the half hour before movies are shown. He would like to create a slide show with the Bellows Falls images giving credit to the photographer and Brattleboro Camera Club. The club agreed to participate. Lee will get more information.

  Also discussed was developing the story starting with video shot of the group in the Bellows Falls walk.  The participating photographers agreed to submit 8-10 images each to Alan and also video an individual interview in the Fact TV studios. Lee will follow up on this.

  John Taylor mentioned an excellent photography exhibit in Salem, Mass at the Peabody Museum.
He also mentioned a bird photography exhibit at the Fish and Wildlife in South Hadley, Mass until the end of August.

Mike Zide, nature photographer, will be the presenter at the September meeting. 

October 6th is the annual Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. There will be a walk held in Brattleboro. More info to come. Tom Singleton may be unable to lead this year and John Taylor will take his place if needed.               
The club next meeting will be held on September 10th.