Meeting Minutes - March 13, 2017

We met at Brooks Memorial Library. Bill Dixon facilitated.

Upcoming Events
● VCP Photo Salon- March 16 Details Here
● BCC Exhibit - Brooks Memorial Library (Winter - Date TBD)
● BCC Exhibit - May 1-12 Key Bank (more details to come from Kathy Carr)
● NECCC Conference - July 14,15,16 UMass Amherst info here
● BCC Exhibit - September Mocha Joe’s
● BCC Exhibit - November I-91 Visitor Center

1. NECCC 72nd Annual Conference July 14,15,16 2017 at UMass Amherst Campus
  Experience 3 days of workshops, lectures, photo ops, networking, gear testing/buying and knowledge to last a
  lifetime. NECCC Conference Details here.
  ● Courtesy Enrollment: Congratulations to Lee for winning this year!
2. Welcome New Members
  Debbie & Chip
3. Annual Year-End Dinner
  Monday May 15 at Grange Hall in Dummerston VT.
  Menu: Chicken/Fish/Ham/Veg ($15). Members who wish to attend, please pay Gary by April 10
4. Treasurer’s Report
  ● Ending balance as of 3/12 is $2879.87
5. BCC Meeting Location 2017/2018
  Update: Discussion from January meeting of moving the meeting to another location in town such as VCP, The
  Coop, Marlboro College. Many people wanted VCP as it seems a natural alignment with our club. The board will
  meet in June and decide on location. If you have any concerns please contact any board member.
6. Continuing Photo Education Classes
  Club members discussed several opportunities for continuing educations classes noted below:
  ● Greenfield Community College More info click here
  ● Creative Live (online presentations by Lindsay Adler & Art Wolfe) More info click here (sometimes free)
  ● KelbyOne Training More info click here

Photo Review
1. Monthly Theme: A River Runs Through It
  Images were reviewed for this month’s theme. See monthly themes here
  Happy to report that participation has increased even more this month with 32 entries!

Notes by Liz LaVorgna/Secretary

Main Topic: NECCC Digital Competition Review - Nature Circuit (pictorial available on request)
  The club reviewed the Nature circuit and we listened to the speaker give constructive feedback on cropping and resizing
images for best presentation of images. It is very important to follow sizing requirements as this can have a negative
effect on your entry. The speaker also made several adjustments to images to show how images could be improved in his
  The speaker also went over the 3 criteria for the Nature circuit. This might be helpful for us the next time around:
1. Tells a Story - e.g. woodpecker with the grub; loon and chick; bear with salmon - viewer can imagine what may
have come before or after the instant the photo was taken
2. Pictorial Qualities - balance in the image, lines, texture, shapes, …
3.Technical Qualities - clarity, overexposed, underexposed, lacks contrast and structure [ flat image ], blown out
areas; cropping - all the things we work on with post-processing of an image

Next Meeting: April 10, 2017 6:30pm at Brooks Memorial Library, Brattleboro VT.
Guest Speaker: Sarah Holbrook discusses Greenland and presenting work to galleries
Photo Theme: On the Street . Bring prints or send digital files to Bill Dixon by April 6.
Notes by Liz LaVorgna/Secretary