Meeting Minutes - Nov 13, 2017

We met at VCP. Bill Dixon facilitated.

Announcements/Upcoming Events:

  • November I-91 Visitor Center - BCC Exhibit looks amazing! Coming down end of Nov.

  • The club reviewed images from the exhibit and it looked great. Nice work!

  • Tuesday Dec 12 Holiday Dinner at Evening Star Grange, 1008 East-West Road, Dummerston. Cost is $20 per person, payable to Gary King by Dec 3.

  • Membership Dues: $25 Individual/$35 Family. Please bring a check for your dues at the

    next meeting. Thank you!

November THEME: “Unusual Point of View”

Many thought provoking images! Gallery Here


10 Minute Presentations - Projects by Club Members sharing tips for getting the shot.

  • Tom Singleton - Hot Air Balloons

  • David - Sports (show athletes in their heroic moment)

  • Tom Pita - Circus

  • Linda - Louise Penny 3 Pines Tour

  • John Taylor - Images from his upcoming “Water’s Edge” show at Greenfield Hospital

  • Glen - Landscapes

  • Donald Miller - Chairs on side of road

Main Program: Chuck Fish - Blue Ribbons & Burlesque


Chuck talked about his book that was created over years of observation/research at various

county fairs. He has always been interested in how people work. Chapters on animals, crowds,

burlesque and the sideshows also known as freak shows. Many people find the term “freak

show” offensive, however the people in these shows were among the highest paid acts in the

circus/fair circuit and were of celebrity status.


Next Meeting: Tuesday Dec 12, 2017 6:30pm Holiday Dinner

Evening Star Dummerston Grange 1008 East-West Road, Dummerston VT

Program: Dinner

Photo Theme: Geometry (Lines & Shapes)

Notes by Liz LaVorgna, Secretary