Meeting Minutes: July 9, 2018

The Brattleboro Camera Club met at the Vermont Center for Photography on Monday, July 9th at 6:30 pm. There were 10 members attending. Roger Turner led the meeting.

This monthʼs theme was ‘imitate a master.ʼ Ansel Adams, Georgia OʼKeefe, Minor White, William Mortensen, and Rembrandt were among those represented.

Images will be available for viewing on the BCC website. The August theme will be "back to nature".

The NECCC conference is this weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are 3-4 members attending.

Lee Lloyd presented an overview of the Bellows Falls photo walk on June 2nd, showing images explaining the many photo ops there. The exhibit was hung on July 3rd at Cafe 7 on the Square featuring photos taken on the walk. Cafe 7 has asked us to extend the exhibit to also include the month of August.

3FBF is an event each month on the 3rd Friday which showcases art, vendors, music, and a farmers market from 5-7 pm. Several members will be attending on July 20th to promote the Brattleboro Camera Club at Cafe 7, and there is also some interest in the August 17th date. The exhibit will also be in place for Bellows Falls Old Home Days on August 4th which features fireworks and special events. This is the most popular and well-attended event of the year.  3FBF on Facebook.

There was talk of organizing a shoot at the Adams Grist Mill museum in Bellows Falls. We have been invited to bring lighting equipment and spend some time there exclusively. Tom Singleton has the contact information for that event.

Tom Singleton presented a slide show of images taken during his recent trip to Iceland with a small group led by Tony Sweet.

Amazingly blue ice and black rocks, colorful lighthouses, pristine churches, and horses. They may be seen on his website at

Club members discussed the importance of backing up images, preferably to a cloud based or remote location. Best practice is to have backup off site. UPS battery backups were also recommended.

Noting the small attendance represented during summer months, we discussed alternate meeting options during these times.

Like those at the NECCC conference, pre-set photo ops were offered - still life or models. Field trips were another, with Cynthia Meese offering to organize a shoot with models. Further discussion at the August meeting.

Cynthia Meese also would like to organize a ‘coffee-klatchʼ in varying locations for meeting and exchanging photography ideas.

The next meeting is scheduled on August 13th.