Meeting Minutes: 8 April 2019

The Club met on April 8th at VCP.  The agenda consisted of two presentations by club members, plus the Theme of the Month images.

Linda Sperry took us on a beautiful summer trip to her home country of Norway. 

There were scenes of mountains, fjords, farms, and food. 

Linda Norway1 Linda Norway2



Dianne Interlande talked to us about the world of wedding photographers. 

Being prepared seemed to be the slogan of the day and Dianne lugs multiple cameras, lens, batteries, and snacks with her as she prepares her shoot.

DianneInterlande wedding1  DianneInterlande wedding2 



 (coming soon to the theme page)



Congratulations to Dianne Interlande for her 3rd place at the spring NECCC Digital competition. 

Her dramatic image "Studio 1" received a high score of 24/30 by the judges.

Studio One at the NECCC site.



John Taylor has spent an inordinate number of hours to have BCC work displayed at the Gill Tavern in Gill, Ma.  The photos will be on the wall in mid-April. 

A sample of the images will be presented at our May meeting.


It was nice to see John Fish, one of our long-standing members, attend the meeting.  


The next gathering of the club will be held at VCP on Monday, May 13th.  The Theme of the Month is "Missing".