Meeting Minutes: 11 November 2019

The Brattleboro Camera Club held their monthly meeting on November 11th.

Tim Blagg:

The guest speaker was Tim Blagg, the former editor of the Greenfield Recorder, gave an interesting talk on the role of photography in the newspaper industry. His "inside" stories of the ability of a small newspaper to complete with the news helped us appreciate the importance of the photographer on a newspaper staff.

Theme of the Month:

The Theme of the Month was "Man-Powered Transportation". Here are a few of the ipgs:

How to Photograph Lightning:

Sean Kelley brought in his camera adaptor which allows the view, at least according to Sean, the ability to photograph lightning without leaving the friendly and safe confines of the pub! Here is a link to the device:
How to Take the Extraordinary Lightning Photos

Editing a Photo:

Finally, Tom Pitta and Donald Miller submitted two separate images to the club. Our members are asked to freely alter the jpgs as they see fit - e.g. cropping, lighting, conversion to b&w, saturation, etc.

Download the original and send your version of the photo to Bill. The results will be shared at our December meeting.