Meeting Minutes - January 9, 2017

We met at Brooks Memorial Library. Bill Dixon facilitated.

Upcoming Events
● Jan 19 Photo Salon at Vermont Center for Photography: VCP Photo Salon Details 1-19-17
● Jan 22 Victory Theater Photo Workshop: Details Here
● Jan 23 Interclub Print Competition, at Vermont Center for Photography 7:30-9pm
● BCC Exhibit - Brooks Memorial Library (Winter - Date TBD)
● May 1-12 BCC Exhibit at Key Bank (more details to come from Kathy Carr)

Photo Review of Monthly Theme: Night Life
Images were reviewed for this month’s theme. See monthly themes here
Happy to report that participation has increased for digital submissions since last month.

We have 22 paid members resulting in $400 income this year. Current balance is $2,759 which is $214 short of last year.
If anyone has ideas of how to increase membership, please let us know. Investigating ideas of creating a meetup group,
sending our mailing list a request to become members and advertising in local events brochures/latchis events.

BCC Hosting the Inter-Club Print Competition - January 23, 2017
Color & Black/White prints from dozens of photo clubs in New England. Roger has contacted 3 judges for the event (actual
judging on the 23rd is open to the public). Deadline for your prints Jan 18, 2017.
If interested in potluck before the competition email Roger what you would like to bring.

Interclub Digital Competition
Deadline for entries is Feb 10th. 2 Categories, Nature & Pictorial. Send images to Bill Dixon

Annual Year-End Dinner
Monday May 15 at Grange Hall in Dummerston VT. Menu options Chicken/Fish/Ham/Veg ($15), Roast Beef ($18). Members
who wish to attend, please pay on or before the April meeting so we can plan accordingly.

BCC Meeting Location 2017/2018
Discussion of moving the meeting to another location in town such as VCP, The Coop, Marlboro College. Many
people wanted VCP as it seems a natural alignment with our club. No decisions made. Please think on this so
we can revisit in future.

NECCC Black & White Print Competition - Photo Review
The annual review of a variety of black and white images from owls to architecture. The following members
represented BCC this year: Kathy Carr “waiting”, Paul Miller, Bill Dixon “tracks” & Roger Turner “Faded

Next Meeting: February 13, 2017 6:30pm at Brooks Memorial Library, Brattleboro VT.
Topic: NECCC Color Print Competition/Review
Photo Theme: Doorways. Bring prints or send digital files to Bill Dixon by Feb 6.

Notes by Liz LaVorgna/Secretary