Meeting Minutes: 10 July 2019

Minutes from the July 10 Brattleboro Camera Club meeting
First order of business was to list information concerning opportunities to visit or photograph in the months ahead. Here is a list.

“Hush of the Footlights ” ~ A photography exhibit featuring the work
of  Marek Jagoda and Brattleboro Camera Club member Ea Maples. Ea and Marek are fine art photographers who have spent the last three years together exploring interesting places and historic buildings including many abandoned theaters throughout New England.

July 4- August 16, 2019
Main Street Arts Gallery
35 Main Street
Saxtons River, VT

2. Balloon Festival,
Northampton, MA July -12-14
5:30 am balloon rise

3. Green River Festival
Greenfield, Ma July 12,13,14
Tickets are pricey but the Balloon Rise at 5:30am is free

4. NECCC Conference, Amherst, Ma
July 12, 13, 14

5. Auto Rust Recycle- date …TBD
John Taylor will contact Dale Hastings about a date for us to go and
photograph the aging and rust filled auto Wrecking site.

6. The American Precision Museum:
The museum is located in the renovated 1846 Robbins & Lawrence factory on South Main Street in Windsor, Vermont. The building is said to be the first U.S. factory at which precision interchangeable parts were made, giving birth to the precision machine tool industry.

American Precision Museum
196 South Main Street
Windsor, VT.
Admission Fee; Adult $7.00 and $6.00 for Seniors

7. Medfield Insane Asylum, Medfield, MA 1890- 2003
Sunday, September 15, 2019
Ea Maples has arranged for a limited number of photographers to have this opportunity
to enter the grounds and the building of this historic site. There are limited facilities’, so
be ready to pack it in and pack it out. You will be on your feet for most of the day.

8. Turner Falls Photo Walk
Friday, August 23, 2019 5:00- 7:30pm
Dianne Interlande and Cyndee Meese arranged with several businesses to photograph the
interiors as well as the outside. Great stores as well as the Canal walk for those who love the
river and old factories.

9. Gill Tavern, Picture gallery
July26, submit jpegs to John Taylor
August 1, 2019 Hang the show
John Taylor announced ,the club will be swapping out the current photos in the
Gill Tavern for new material. Please submit jpegs to John Taylor before July26.
Subject matter:
a. Images about the New England area and especially northern Mass and
southern Vermont.
b. Framed and matted images up to 20x 30. We have been using black o dark brown frames the restaurant setting is rustic.
10. Adams Mass Country Fair
August 2-4, 2019
This fair has a rodeo. Great photo possibilities.

11. Holyoke Blue Socks
Mackenzie Stadium in Holyoke, Massachusetts.
Monday – Saturday games will all start at 6:35 p.m.
The schedule is on line. There is a special site behind home base for

The September theme of the month is “Sleepy”.

Our theme for July was “HOT”. Many of our members brought images to share digitally.
This meeting many of the members opted to bring prints to look at for our work.
Tom Pitta brought a photo book of his work.
Our next meeting is August 12, 2019 at the Vermont Center for photography.


Meeting Minutes: 13 May 2019


The Brattleboro Camera Club met on Monday, May 13th at VCP.  It was nice to see our long-standing member Chuck Fish in the audience. 

The guest speaker was John Nopper from Putney.  John has devoted much of his photography to portraiture work and high-quality digital printing.  With the help of several large-format prints, John illustrated the importance of speed, aperture, and depth of field.  His photos of "rock-and-roll musicians", street portraits, and Paul Miller were great examples of the careful use of these variables when taking non-studio photographs.,380812


Theme of the Month:

There were several photos submitted for "Hidden".  After a long battle with computer technology, Malcolm Blue was able to get the images projected on the screen.

Linda Sperry has volunteered to put together a Theme of the Month for the second half of 2019.  See her choices on our club website.



Photographic Contest:

Information on this competition is available from the following link:


Hunt's Photo and Video:

Noah has sent our club this email regarding special deals at Hunt's:


Gill Tavern Exhibit:

Thanks to the hard work by John and Cindy, the BCC exhibit has been hung at the Gill Tavern.  The photos will be up for an undetermined length of time.


Meeting Minutes: 8 April 2019

The Club met on April 8th at VCP.  The agenda consisted of two presentations by club members, plus the Theme of the Month images.

Linda Sperry took us on a beautiful summer trip to her home country of Norway. 

There were scenes of mountains, fjords, farms, and food. 

Linda Norway1 Linda Norway2



Dianne Interlande talked to us about the world of wedding photographers. 

Being prepared seemed to be the slogan of the day and Dianne lugs multiple cameras, lens, batteries, and snacks with her as she prepares her shoot.

DianneInterlande wedding1  DianneInterlande wedding2 



 (coming soon to the theme page)



Congratulations to Dianne Interlande for her 3rd place at the spring NECCC Digital competition. 

Her dramatic image "Studio 1" received a high score of 24/30 by the judges.

Studio One at the NECCC site.



John Taylor has spent an inordinate number of hours to have BCC work displayed at the Gill Tavern in Gill, Ma.  The photos will be on the wall in mid-April. 

A sample of the images will be presented at our May meeting.


It was nice to see John Fish, one of our long-standing members, attend the meeting.  


The next gathering of the club will be held at VCP on Monday, May 13th.  The Theme of the Month is "Missing".


Meeting Minutes: 11 March 2019

The monthly meeting of the Brattleboro Camera Club met at the Vermont Center for Photography on Monday, March 11th.


Club scores:

Color Print:

  • Donald Miller: Enchanted Riverbank - 21
  • Paul Miller: Sunrise at the Cape - 22
  • John Walsh: El Establo Sunset - 23
  • Debbie Rittall: The Eye - 23

Momochrome Print:

  • John Walsh: Osprey - 23
  • Debbie Rittall: "Wired" Tree - 19
  • Donald Miller: Keeping a Sharp Eye - 19
  • Kathy Carr: Headed to Work - 17



The final digital competition for the year will be held in early April.  If you wish to enter jpgs please read on:
. deadline for submissions is March 16th 
.two categories: Nature and Open
.jpgs limited to two per member per category
.send your pics to Bill Dixon [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] by March 16th

John Taylor has set up an exhibit of BCC member photos at the Gill Tavern in Gill, Ma.  The process he has set up includes the following:  
    ▪     Send jpgs to John [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;] by March 18th
    ▪     John, Brenda, and Cindy will look at the jpgs and choose about 15 pics
    ▪     John and Cindy will meet with the owner of Gill Tavern and he will choose the photos he wants to hang
    ▪     John will notify BCC members if his/her jpg has been chosen for the exhibit
    ▪     Prints, ready to hang on the wall, will be delivered to John or Bill before April 1st
    ▪     These prints should be anywhere from 10" x 10" to 16" x 20" [ not including matte or frame ]
    ▪     Each print must have a title and a selling price
    ▪     Prints will remain at the Tavern for about two months [ negotiable ]
    ▪     Please contact John if you have any questions [ see email address above


We enjoyed, with a tint of California envy, the slide show presented by our California partner, Padre Trails Camera Club.  After viewing these slides our members expressed interest in reciprocating with a series of photos.  We will work on this over the next few months.



Our club was privileged to have Steve Upton, a highly-respected nature photographer, come to our meeting.  Steve put together an informative, interesting, and humorous talk on his experiences related to a research project in the far north.  Along with slides, Steve had several large-format prints on display and two of his cameras that were used in the field.  His work illustrated the importance of dedication and determination in producing high-quality work.  

Here is a description of his project as posted on his website

"These images are taken in the sea ice of the North Pole from a small ice cutter. This was difficult and risky. You depart from Svalbard, Norway and there are strong possibilities the sea ice has moved too far North and captains won’t make the dangerous voyage. You will be left searching the Svalbard Archipelago for land bound polar bear. In July, when I was there, we were about 25 hours in open sea before reaching the sea ice of the North Pole. We were the only humans, no other captain would make the crossing at that time. By the way, our return trip to the islands was in 25 foot seas on a 40 meter boat. There is a reason for caution amongst the captains."


Thirteen of our members contributed to the Shadows theme.  Compositions ranged from shadows of tombstones, jugs, trees, alleys, and lots of people. 

For samples from the slideshow go to our website: (coming soon to the theme page).

The theme for April is "Details".  Please send your jpgs to Bill Dixon [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] before April 8th.


Meeting Minutes: 11 February 2019

  The Brattleboro Camera Club’s monthly meeting was held on Monday, February 11, 2019 at the Vermont Center for Photography. Bill Dixon led the meeting.

Guests to the meeting were Kevin Hart, Stephen Dysert, and Robert Crispino. The monthly theme was “Perspective” and there were over 40 submissions by members.

  John Taylor discussed several exhibit opportunities in Massachusetts. One was the Gill Tavern which would like the club to provide a permanent exhibit of 10-12 prints, each for 60-90 days.

Please contact John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  Roger Turner presented the color prints entered in the New England Camera Club winter inter-club competition, accompanied by the recorded judge evaluations.

Several members of the Brattleboro club received high marks, honorable mention, and second place went to Cyndee Meese, with her stunning portrait.

Results of the electronic competition also gave high marks to Brattleboro Camera Club members, with Honorable Mention to Tom Pitta. Members and scores below:

Kathy Carr – Spider – 16

Lee Lloyd – Winter Sunset – 17

Donald Miller – Tree Trunk #2 – 16

Paul Miller – Texas Rattler – 18

Cynthia Meese – Self Portrait – 19

Tom Pitta – Brother and Sister – 21 - HM

Roger Turner – Family Farm – 18

John Walsh – Spanish Lane - 17

Spring Competition. The third NECCC Electronic Photograph Interclub Competition will be held on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, hosted by the Seacoast Camera Club at the Urban Forestry Center, 45 Elwyn Road (27 Elwyn Road for GPS), Portsmouth, NH 03801 beginning at 6:00 pm. The closing date for receipt of entries is Monday, March 18th. For questions or to submit your images contact Bill Dixon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Canal Street Art Gallery, Bellows Falls.
The opening for a photography exhibit was held on Friday, February 15th from 5-8.

  Among work by artists Spaulding Dunbar, Karl Jacobson, and Jeffrey Spring were exhibits by Brattleboro Camera Club members, Kathy Carr, Marek Jagoda, Don Kalfus, Ea Maples, and Linda Carlson Sperry. The opening was well attended and many came to support BCC members.

  The next meeting will be held on Monday, March 11, 2019 at the Vermont Center for Photography at 6:30 pm. The monthly theme is “Shadows.” Please send to Bill Dixon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

They should be sized at 1024 X 768 px.

Our guest speaker for March is Steve Upton. He will share his images and story-telling of travel photography of landscapes and animals.

You may preview his beautiful images on his website.