Meeting Minutes: April 9, 2018


The Brattleboro Camera Club had their April meeting at the Vermont Center for Photography. Following are the minutes of that meeting:


Tony Downer - Guest Presenter:

  Tony is a free-lance photographer and former instructor at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls. During his informative talk, Tony talked and illustrated his past work in fields of photography including sports, rural landscapes, portraits, "petraits", and weddings. Tony emphasized the role of imperfection in his photographic work, where unorthodox depth of field, lighting, and cropping helped create an atmosphere in the images. We greatly appreciated his willingness to come to our meeting and share some of his ideas on photography.

For more information on Tony, please see his website:


New Guests / Old Friends:

Malcolm and Kelly Blue were introduced by Lee Lloyd. Malcolm had previously been involved with a Bellows Falls camera group ... and welcome back to Malcolm Moore, Goerges Herzog, and Bob LeBlond.


Theme of the Month:

Ten of our members contributed to the theme "Fill the Frame". Here are some of the images: Theme Of The Month


InterClub Digital Spring Competition:

We had eight members submit jpgs to this NECCC competition. Here are the entries: Competition Entries


Membership / Financial Report:

The club has 30 members which includes four households. Our treasurer Gary King records a balance of $2858.04 in our bank account.


AAA Travel Photo Contest: Home Page




Camera for Sale:

Dianne Interlande has a gently used Nikon 610 for sale. For additional information please contact Dianne at her email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Next Meeting - May 14th - 6:30 p.m. - VCP

Minutes : Monthly Meeting : March 12, 2018

1] AAA New England Journey Photo Contest


2] Interclub Digital Competition - Spring 2018

   Categories: Pictorial / Nature

   Please send your interclub jpgs to Bill Dixon [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] by Friday, March 16th

3] Interclub Print Competition - Spring 2018

   Categories: Color/Black and White - The club can send 4 photo for each category.

   Please deliver your interclub prints [ maximum of 16” x 20” ] to Bill by April 1, 2018.

4] NECCC Conference July 13, 14, 15

   Online registration is open -

We had 23 images from our members. A sample of the jpgs is posted on our BCC website.

The April theme is - Fill the Frame

GLENNIE NATURE SALON juried competition:
Our club submitted a total of ten works from Donald Miller, Kathy Carr, Linda Sperry, Lucia Wilson,
Bill Dixon, and Tom Singleton

NECCC Digital Competition
The annual NECCC Digital juried competition was played. Because of time constraints the Open category dvd was shown.
The Nature category dvd is available from Bill if you wish to view it.
In the Open category our club had entries from Gary King, Bill Dixon, Cindy Meese, Roger Turner, Kathy Carr, and Tom Singleton.
Congratulations to Cindy for her 3rd place award for her photo, “Red”.
There was a lively discussion on the criteria employed by the judge William Barnett as he worked through the images.
In general, Mr. Barnett emphacized three main concepts:

  • The left-to-right movement of the viewer's eye as she/he looks at the photo
  • Vignetting as a way to highlight a certain portion of the image
  • Cropping to remove distracting or unnecessary parts of the work

The next meeting of the club will be on April 9th at VCP.
Minutes submitted by Bill Dixon


Meeting Minutes - February 12, 2018



John Taylor called the meeting to order at 6:30PM.

Announcements and News:

It was announced that Bill Dixon needs jpegs for the Glennie Nature competition by 2/25. Those interested should go to the Glennie site and become familiar with the rules.

John Taylor spoke of an opportunity to rent a boat in Lacoma Springs , Florida in early May. The purpose would be nature photography. John will research this more fully and report back to the club.

Ea Maples gave an update on her visit to a mansion in Orange, MA where she and four other photographers spent several hours on 2/10. She will try to arrange another visit to the mansion for club members who are interested. Several photos taken by Ea and Tom Singleton were presented.

Monthly Theme Photos:

Tom Singleton presented a slide show for members who submitted to this month’s theme of “Negative Space”.

The March theme is "Humor".

NECCC Interclub competition:

Roger Turner presented the black and white prints from the NECCC interclub competition where several BCC members had prints .

The members were Bill Dixon, Paul Miller, Tom Singleton and Roger Turner. Bill Dixon took first place for his portrait of a Native American woman in Santa Fe.

At the March meeting the results of the digital competition will be presented.

Photography Exhibits:

John Taylor has an exhibit at the Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield, MA. The exhibit will be up until June.

There is a photography exhibit at the Moore Library in Newfane, VT through March.


There was a discussion of KEH photography, an online market for buying and selling used camera equipment. Some members have had great results with KEH. It was also mentioned that Newtonville Camera near Boston is a good place to buy used camera equipment. NOTE: Newtonville Camera is closed while they relocate. They should reopen in April, 2018.

John Taylor asked for members to suggest speakers for future meetings. Please get to John with your suggestions.

Next meeting will be on March 12th.



Meeting Minutes – January 8, 2018


The January meeting of the Brattleboro Camera Club was held at the Vermont Center for Photography on January 8th. There were eighteen members in attendance. Bill Dixon facilitated.


Theme of the Month - Geometry: Lines and Shapes

Eight members submitted images : Gary King, John Taylor, Karen Hesse, Bill Dixon, Roger Turner, Sean Kelley,  Donald Miller, and Tom Singleton.

Here is the link to the theme photos.


Best Shots of 2017:

Members were asked to review their photographs from 2017 and pull out one or two exceptional shots. Gary, John, Karen, Bill, Roger, and Tom shared with us their choices. Both Karen and Bill

commented on the minimal number of "best" shots they had taken in the year 2017 perhaps illustrating the difference between a "good" photo and an "exceptional" photo.

Link to "Best of 2017"


Ea Maples distributed a one-page related to interest in organized photo shoots by the club. The responses to the questions will be posted at a later date.

Upcoming Member Competitions:

  • InterClub Digital - two categories [ nature / pictorial ] - send jpgs to Bill [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] by January 15th
  • InterClub Print - two categories [ color / black&white ] - deliver prints to Tom Singleton [ 21 Howard Street, Brattleboro : 609.602.9310 ] by Feb. 6th - please call Tom before you drop off your print(s)
  • The Glennie Nature Photo Competition - see information below. If there is sufficient interest from the members the club may contribute to the entry fee.


(Note: This is an image - the links don't work!)


NECCC Color Print Competition:

Roger introduced the photographs from the NECCC color print competition.

There were twenty-five prints in the judging with four of them coming from BCC members [ Tom Singleton, Bill Dixon, Paul Miller, and Roger Turner ]. We wish to congratulate Roger for his Honorable Mention award. There was a lively discussion of the apparent extensive photoshop manipulation of the winning photograph, leading us to question what exactly was in the original scene of brook, tree(s), and building(s). It was suggested the club contact NECCC to obtain some guidelines and clarification of the extent that raw photos can be electronically altered.

p.s. Roger assured us that he did not clone additional sheep onto the hillside of his HM photo.


What Constitutes a Nature Photograph [ or Can You Have a Plowed Field in your Nature Photo ] :

Here is a link to the NECCC guidelines. Please note the last sentence of the guidelines regarding "authentic wildlife." "The NECCC Electronic Inter-club Nature Competition uses the PSA definition of nature that is posted on the PSA Internet Electronic Photograph Inter-club Competition Rules Page 4 site at Our nature competitions are open nature competitions and entries do not have to meet the additional authentic wildlife definition that is also posted on the same Internet page."


New Members:

We wish to welcome a new member, Robert Brown, to our group. Robert is interested in street photography and has experience in the world of video photography. Helio Ha also joined us and we look forward to seeing some of his work at future meetings.

Spring Bulb Shows:

John Taylor informed us of two upcoming floral events in the Northampton area. He will have more information at the February meeting.


The monthly themes for 2018 will be posted well before the next meeting.

The next meeting of the club will be on Monday, February 12th at VCP with the business/social activity beginning at 6:15 and the presentations at 6:30.

Notes by Bill Dixon