Bill 1Monthly Photo Themes: 2018

These are instructions and themes for submission of member prints at meetings this coming year.

Paul hopes that the themes will challenge people to work in areas they normally don't photograph and that it is always fun to see how others perceive the same subject.

Some guidelines….

  • Pictures of the assigned subjects should be taken during the club's annual year. But don't let that keep you from using an older photo if you have a good one!
  • Photos of non-specified subjects can be taken at any time. This means that members can also bring in photos on other subjects, although obviously the hope is that many pictures will be on the designated topic.
    1. Try to be creative in handling subject.
    2. If possible, print at least 8 x 10.
    3. Images don't need to be matted but would look better if they were.


Monthly subjects are as follows:

(Click on the "Photo Assignment Gallery" link below to view the images.)


  • January : Geometry: Lines and Shapes
  • February : Negative Space (i.e. Negative space is the area that surrounds your subject. Use it to define your subject while creating balance in your photograph).
  • March : Humor
  • April : Fill The Frame
  • May : Self Portrait
  • June : High or Lo-Key Light
  • July : Imitate a Master
  • August : Back to Nature
  • September : Environmental Portrait
  • October : Golden Hour / Blue Hour
  • November : Long Exposure
  • December : Holiday Cheer